Expired2021 Online Sessions

Expired2021 Online Sessions


Wolfgang Stange

This session not only provides some lovely body and vocal warmups, but video clips from Wolfgang’s famous dance company, Amici, a group of dancers with diverse capabilities.

Bio: Wolfgang Stange studied with the renowned Austrian teacher, choreographer and dancer Hilde Holger and at the London School of Contemporary Dance in London. In 1980 he founded the Inclusive Dance Theatre Company AMICI and remains the main choreographer. He created Inclusive Dance Theatre Pieces for Sri Lanka, Japan and Egypt and re-created Royston Maldoom‘s Carmina with Volker Eisenach for an inclusive group of 150 performers to live music in Weltzheim in Germany.

Bethany Rowe (Presentation B1)

Bethany shares an 8-week Music Therapy program conducted in an Australian public school with Orff Music Therapy as its cornerstone.  It conveys the benefits of using peer relationships to support social

Bio: Bethany is a classroom music teacher from Australia, residing in Canada. Graduate of the 2014/15 Special Course. Previously worked musically in aged care, special education, and with infants. Completed a Masters of Music Therapy in 2017. Author of ‘As simple as you make it’ and ‘Hey you, make that sound.’

Andrea Sangiorgio (Presentation C2)  – handout & powerpoint to go with this

This presentation not only breaks an Orff process down into the fine details, but includes video of a children’s group that demonstrates what this looks like in practice. Andrea articulates a creative Orff process in contemporary terms.

Bio: Professor of Elemental Music Education at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich, Germany. Vice president of IOSFS. PhD at Exeter University, UK, on children’s creative interactions in group work.
Focus areas as music teacher educator: elemental music and movement education, musical creativity, cognitive aspects of music learning.

Props Needed: Something to use as a percussion instrument, or percussion instruments.

Shirley Salmon (Presentation E2)  – handout included

Shirley’s way of mapping out then planning for learning is a great aid for curriculum development. We also see her own special needs students, putting the mapping into practice.

Bio: Studied music, trained as a primary school teacher, studied educational science. Has taught children, teenagers and adults with different abilities for over 40 years. Lecturer at the Orff-Institute, University Mozarteum Salzburg since 1984. She teaches and lectures nationally and internationally, has published books, a DVD and numerous articles.

Props Needed: If available: objects to make sounds or instruments

Anna Maria Kalcher (Keynote 3)

In this sessions Univ.Prof.Mag.Dr. Anna Maria Kalcher presents her paper,Singing, Playing, Dancing: Perspectives of Creativity Research Based on the Construct of Oscillating.  The paper will introduce and discuss what this model is about and how it can enrich creative teaching and teaching for creativity.

Bio: Since 2017 professor of Elemental Music and Dance Education at the Mozarteum University Salzburg and deputy head of the Department of Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy – Orff Institute. She is a member of many international associations, has published several books and scientific papers. She holds a Master in Music and Dance Education, a doctorate, and a qualification as a university lecturer in Music Education. Focal points in her research and teaching are: creativity, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary work, and music and dance-related learning processes over the entire lifespan

Robyn Staveley (Presentation A2)

Robyn breaks down various areas of cognitive neuroscience linking to music and movement, pedagogy and engagement. She provides practical examples of the brain in action, as well as an analysis of the impacts. This is an informative and practical presentation that will certainly have your neurons firing.

Props Needed: 5 little blocks (like centicubes), or 5 little buttons or similar objects that can be held in the hand OR  piece of paper and pencil/crayons.

Doug Goodkin (Presentation F1) – NOTE: Keynote presenter at REMIX

REMIX Key Presenter – In this session you get to see Doug model how to teach in a musical, meaningful way that has flow, shape and design.  He shows how to create enticing beginnings, connected middles and satisfying endings.

Bio: Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognized Orff Schulwerk teacher, teaching in over 50 countries worldwide. He worked with children from three years old to eighth grade in The San Francisco School for 45 years, is the author of nine books and is the director of San Francisco International Orff Course.

Props Needed: Recorder, puppets, any melodic instrument recommended, but not required

Ezgi Tatar (CT 8)

Ezgi beautifully presents an online activity that is quite mesmerising and beautiful. It could easily be used when our classrooms are not in lockdown, but also it is an activity that is calming, so necessary in troubling times.

Bio: Ezgi Tatar studied music education at the Dokuz Eylül University in Turkey from 2003 to 2007. She completed the three Level Courses of the Turkish Orff Association and concluded a professional development course for teaching teachers. She participated in the 2016-2017 Special Course: “Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education – Orff-Schulwerk” at the Orff Institute/Mozarteum University. She completed the New European Mentorship Programme In Orff- Schulwerk Pedagogy in 2019. Currently, she is teaching children and adults as well as taking part in social responsibility projects.

Christa Coogan (Presentation G1)

In this energetic and playful session, Christa takes us on a journey exploring moving words as stimuli for creating movement rhymes that lead to a deeper understanding of movement qualities and composition.

Bio: Faculty University for Music + Theater Munich, Germany; Guest teacher with children of all ages in public schools; Teacher-Orff Institute 1993-2002;Teacher on Special Course since 1993; Teacher-San Francisco International Orff Course; Team member: European Mentorship Programme in OSW Pedagogy; International presenter as an OSW movement specialist; BFA /Dance – Juilliard School; MA /Dance Studies University of Salzburg

Props Needed: Comfortable clothes for moving!

CROSA (Croatian OS) presentation (CT 11)

Using a traditional Croatian children’s song, Lidija, Silvija, Ksenija and Mirjana share some very creative ideas in a simple format, with lots of movement and drama to bring the ideas alive.

Bios: ​Lidija Detić is a kindergarten teacher. She plays and teaches traditional Croatian instruments, including tambure, and has completed Orff levels 1 and 2 organised by JaSeSoi in Finland. She runs a small business “KeDobro” teaching music in her home town Varaždin.

Silvija Sarapa has master’s degree of music pedagogy  from University of  Zagreb. Until now she has participated in many Orff courses in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and USA and completed Orff levels 1 and 2 organised by JaSeSoi in Finland. She is working at the private music school Schola Musica in Zagreb.

Ksenija Burić graduated from the Music Academy in Zagreb, focusing on piano. She has participated in many Orff courses in Croatia, Austria, and USA, and finished Orff level courses in Slovenia. In 2012 she defended her PhD thesis at Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in the field of music therapy. For 20 years she has been working as a head of the music school Schola Musica.

Mirjana is a music  primary education teacher working at the elementary school and a multi-instrumentalist playing both classical instruments and traditional instruments. She is an active member of  CROSA.

Krongtong Boonprakong (Presentation D2)

This impressive school bases their approach on promoting creative music and dance but also focus on executive function, helping students to develop self-management intellectually, physically and emotionally. They also present a lovely activity that they used online for their students.

Bio: Krongtong Boonprakong attended the Orff Institute, Mozarteum, University of Salzburg, Austria as a Guest Student for over one year 2000-2001. She later pursued more education at Mills College California USA course in Orff Schulwerk Certification Program Level 1-3 in the year 2000 – 2002. Krongtong Boonprakong is a founder and executive director of Jittamett Kindergarten and the Thai Orff Schulwerk Association (THOSA).

IMMEA – China School (Sarah Brooke and Xu Mai)

Xu Mai and Sarah share the stunning results of a 3-day workshop with teachers and children based around the theme of chairs, creating performances through music, movement, visual art, puppetry and drama.

Bios: Xu Mai is a music educator based in Shenzhen, China and has 20 years experiences in teaching music to preschool children through to adults. She completed her Level III Certificate in Orff Schulwerk at the San Francisco Orff Course. She has given numerous courses and workshops throughout China.

Dr. Sarah Brooke is a creative arts educator who has taught in a range of settings to educators, mothers and babies, children, adults, community workers, and prisoners. She has presented workshops and training courses throughout Asia and across Australia and spends considerable time in China as a music education consultant.


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